World’s first cactus based Vegan Leather – Desserto

World’s first cactus based Vegan Leather – Desserto

Two Mexican Entrepreneurs Adrian and Marte came up with the miraculous idea of leather production from cactus plants. The Cactus-based vegan leather Desserto…

These cowboys have done something which could stop the slaughtering of 159 million animals, including sheep, crocodiles, ostriches, kangaroos, lizards, cattle, just for their skin which is therefore used for making leather. Now what they have done is made leather  But, it is different it’s a Cactus based VEGAN LEATHER also known as Desserto

They seemed to have a solution to stop this slaughtering, and still, the Fashion Industry could wear leather clothes made from Cactus. The Cactus leather made by Desserto is the newest innovation as an eco-friendly fabric.

Cactus used by Desserto
Prickly pear Cactus used to produce leather

 What you are about to read now might break your heart, and you may reconsider buying a car with a leather interior again or any material made from leather. It takes 2-3 cows skins to cover the interior of a standard car, and some high-end models use as many as 9. All together, automakers use the skins of about 45 million cows every year to produce leather. Millions of cows are killed every single year to profit the leather industry. Furthermore, cows were sent to slaughterhouses, where they were blended to death. Cows skin produced by TBS (The largest leather producers on the planet) are shipped to the world’s largest automakers for covering interior and other industries like the textile industry for making jackets, shoes, and other accessories. 

Apart from that… the production of leather from cows also causes another problem… an environmental issue. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world. Moreover, leather is a staple in the fashion industry. To produce good quality leather, the cow has to drink lots of water. It is approximately 1800 gallons, and then leather has to be tanned. According to the American Cancer Society, this tanning process involves formaldehyde and chromium, and both are known as human carcinogens. Also, this tanning process requires even more water. It is treated with toxic chemicals, which hurts the environment and makes that leather non-degradable, contributing to the 100 million tons of waste that the fashion industry creates.

vegan leather made from cactus
Desserto vegan leather made from cactus |Image credit- Desserto

To solve this massive problem, Adrian and Marte wanted to do something. They both were aware of the environmental impact. To make suitable quality materials, they decided to produce a leather replacement, which means no harm to cows and other animals like crocodiles, snakes, and many more killed. There are lots of alternatives of leather already out there, like fox leather. The leather is made up of plastic. However, plastic is also another big issue around us. Also, plastic is chemical and harmful to the environment. So they started researching plant-based material to use, And after much brainstorming, they came up with the miraculous idea of leather production from the cactus plant.

Yes… you heard right. Cactus is the most abundant plant. Moreover, it is almost everywhere around the world. It is suitable for the skin and also does not require much water to grow. Moreover, the best part about the cactus plant is that it absorbs CO2. So they found that cactus plant all in one for many problems. 

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Producing leather from the cactus plant is not like killing the plant. It is just like a haircut to the plant, they just cut the mature leaves of the plant, and then the young one will grow in a matter of months. Adrian and Marty left their jobs and decided to start the production of leather from cactus. They dedicatedly gave their time and efforts to this project and worked hard to make this happen.  After two years of continuous financial, technical, and emotional struggles, they developed the perfect solution for non-biodegradable leather. 

World’s First biodegradable and plant-based leather. The Cactus based Vegan Leather Desserto

To produce this vegan leather, you need to cut the mature leaves, clean them, mash them, dry it 

You get organic biodegradable and durable leather. It lasts up to 10 years. It is flexible, breathable, and does not stain. Also, Desserto does not use harmful PVC chemicals or any non-degradable substance.


vegan Leather desserto
Vegan Leather | image credit- Desserto


Desserto- Incredible innovation in Fashion Industry

These two entrepreneurs from Mexico are thinking big they built a network to create more and more vegan leather. They want to make accessories, shoes, furniture, leather seats for automakers, and many more biodegradable goods from this cactus plant. Adrian and Marte want to help the environment and want to create jobs by making large production of vegan leather. With ‘Desserto‘, Adrian and Marte want to reduce animals deaths.

The ‘nopal’ prickly pear cactus‘ develops across Mexico, and the organization as of now possesses extra land fully expecting expanding creation. As the utilization of alternative materials turns out to be more far and wide, hope to see a lot more environmentally-friendly approaches.
This cactus-based alternative of leather has at least a ten-year life length, and its inborn adaptability could assist with decreasing waste underway in any industry. As of late, it won the Good Design Award Gold Accolade in Australia’s International Good Design Awards 2020 in the ‘Fashion Impact’category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation.
Tracking down a green, practical alternative that sucks up carbon dioxide as opposed to delivering it, and which can give us genuinely brutality-free, long-lasting leather, appeared to be an unrealistic fantasy only a couple of years prior. A few brands like H&M, Kal Lagerfeld, and Fossil have now dispatched their items with Desserto materials, and the expectation is that this vegetarian leather will be taken on by more brands that will demonstrate exactly how well it can rival conventional, animal-based items.

We need to let the world know that there is something else out there with these two. Some cactus and the world is demanding vegan leather. They have realized their dream cactus is excellent, and so is the future.


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What is cactus Leather?

It is an endurable biodegradable alternative leather made from Nopal (prickly pear) cactus, which grows in Mexico. This vegan leather made from cactus is known as Desserto.

Who originated Cactus leather?

Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cazarez are the founders of cactus-based leather Desserto. These two entrepreneurs are from Jalisco, Mexico. They invented this cruelty-free vegan leather which is now used in fashion, automotive, aeronautics, footwear, and the furniture Industry.

How is Cactus leather made?

To produce this vegan leather, you need to cut the mature leaves, clean them, mash them, dry them for a couple of days and then mix it with the non-toxic chemicals or color you want. You get organic biodegradable and durable leather that lasts up to 10 years.

Cost of cactus leather?

The production company of Desserto said the cost of the vegan leather is the same as the standard PVC leather. The cost ranges between $200-$500 with variation according to the products like shoes, jackets and other products.


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