Recycle Man Of India, Turning pandemic waste into ecofriendly brick 2.O

Recycle Man Of India, Turning pandemic waste into ecofriendly brick 2.O

This 27-year-old environmentalist has come up with a solution to fix the amount of garbage produced during the pandemic, exceeding India’s waste management capability. Binish Desai also known as Recycle man of India, turning used PPE Kits and masks into bricks. Bricks for making homes and also these recyclable bricks for making toilets in rural areas.

Here is the full story P- Block brick the Story of Brick 2.O

               After this corona pandemic, another crisis is waiting for us! That crisis is the waste from used masks and PPE kits, and according to the reports, 1.56 billion masks polluted oceans in 2020.

We all must have seen so many viral visuals where a cyclone threw the waste on beaches and pulls. Nature is very patient with us humans, but such incidents remind us that we’re testing nature’s patience a little too much. India always had a garbage disposal problem, but biomedical waste from the covid-19 pandemic has caused new issues worldwide. But here is the solution to that covid-19 waste problem. Brick 2.O the brick that is made from the waste PPE kits and disposable face masks.

Globally, every month we end up using 129 billion disposable face masks!

That means we are using around 3 million face masks per minute. These face masks are made of a woven form of plastic, and people don’t know what has to be done with them. Sometimes these masks are thrown in waste bodies or gutters, and they end up polluting our rivers and oceans. Or it goes into incinerators, and they defile the air by releasing toxic gases. But here is a simple solution- Dr. Binish Desai, an innovator, and social entrepreneur also known as the recycle man of India. Because maybe he is the first person to patent waste!

About the P-Block Brick 2.0

Binish Desai- Recycle Man of India
Binish Desai’s Brick 2.O

       He believes Nothing is useless in the world and your waste is someone else’s asset Binish is 27 years old. He has his laboratory where he actually conducts weird and unique experiments, and these ‘weird’ experiments are conducted on plastic. And after these experiments, valuable products are made from waste… like waste material into cinder blocks or recycled brick paving or soundproofing panels made from craft paper waste, Lint waste into reusable sanitary pads, and using such 100’s different types of wastes Dr. Binish has made 193 various innovations! and with such innovative ideas of turning waste into something useful and productive he became the Recycle man of India.

Dr. Binish knows how to convert problems into a solution. In his childhood at the age of 11, he came up with the idea of making products with chewing gum and paper into something the hardest and long-lasting product. With that idea, he made brick from the chewing gum. Some of you might have been thinking, this is not brick, but as time passed, dr. Binish perfected his brick. Today he has made this perfect brick. The brick 2.O (bricks from industrial paper and gum waste), spent a recent couple of months chipping away discarded face masks into bricks and is presently preparing for commercial production.

Besides paper industry waste, Binish is also experimenting with gypsum waste, metal waste, textile waste, and various types of secondary paper waste
Besides paper industry waste, Dr. Binish is also experimenting with gypsum waste, metal waste, textile waste, and various types of secondary paper waste

India’s ‘Recycle Man’ Can Convert Used PPE Kits & Face Masks Into Bricks.

         This recyclable brick is four times stronger than a traditional brick and the recycled brick costs half as much as regular bricks. The best part of this brick is now dr. Binish has used PPE kits and waste masks to produce bricks. This brick is the composition of 52% used masks + PPE kits, and the rest is paper waste. But don’t worry… this building block is entirely safe. Let’s understand the process…

In different cities, societies keep particular bins on the premises. Just the way we keep bags for our garbage. Similarly, a garbage bag is supported in this bin as well.

Societies give instructions to their residents. Cut the strings of these used masks and dispose of these masks in these particular bins. Once they collect 50-100 masks. The container is isolated for 72 hours straight to kill active viruses on the surface of the masks. People then pack these masks in any online shopping bags and sent them to Dr. Binish at the given address, and that’s it! You can also be a part of this great project by following some guidelines provided by them.

They are following all the guidelines set by the Govt. of India. The waste has been disinfected three times, and once this disinfection is done, the product is made today. We have been advised to wear a double mask. It means every person is using at least one disposable mask. Rather than throwing it without a second thought. It is better to have a dedicated bin for this; where these masks are collected and then used to make something productive like Brick 2.O

(left) A toilet constructed using BDream bricks, (right) p-blocks, and bricks| photo Credit- eetechgroup

“P-blocks are cost-effective, pest-resistant, fire-resistant, earthquake-resistant, ecofriendly, and have a higher compressive strength. They can also be used as wood, cement, and concrete alternative. GPCB has given BDream dwellings and toilets all the essential approvals, including environmental,” explains Binish.

BDream works with businesses and takes on projects for the construction of toilets in rural areas, under corporate social commitment initiatives.

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The recycled brick pavers of Binish dr have already been used in many government road constructions across the Gujrat. One recycled brick costs just half of the traditional bricks. The recycled brick paving is much stronger than regular brick and lasts longer.

What is the meaning of Swachh Bharat? Does it simply mean cleaning roads and not littering? Of course not! In India, tonnes of industrial waste are produced every day and a major portion of this waste ends up in landfills. India will become truly clean when this waste will be used in a sustainable way rather than being thrown in landfills. I am trying to design technologies to recycle industrial waste to make sustainable building material from it,” says Binish Desai

Coming from a group of social activists, Binish has consistently wanted to help other people. This is the reason he extended his business from simply making the blocks to building eco-friendly BDream Shauchalayas in provincial regions. The expense for one latrine goes from ₹9,000 to ₹30,000 depend upon its space, and surprisingly that cost is regularly sponsored through CSR funds. The organization has finished building more than 1,000 latrines in rural regions across Gujarat, Pali in Maharashtra, and Hyderabad as well. More than 400 tons of waste from the paper business has been reused by BDream up until now, as indicated by Binish

This solution is so simple yet so effective that every ordinary person can be a part of the solution.

Whatever waste we know is not made from any ‘Waste’ atoms… it is made from ordinary particles. The problem is the speed at which we consume things; we’re not matching their recycling just as fast. At least for these face masks, the solution is in front of you. Dr. Binish Desai has solved the problem of used face masks.

Binish Desai- Recycle Man of India

     To solve future problems, we need to be proactive, not reactive. We can convert these masks of today into the solution for tomorrow!

You can send your masks and PPE kits to Dr. Binish Desai by following the above rules and regulations.

Email Address- [email protected]

To know more about the journey from Binish Desai to the Recycle Man of India, visit the following website  –


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