Israel’s ‘Remilk’ reshaping the dairy without animals in the most delicious way. 

Israel’s ‘Remilk’ reshaping the dairy without animals in the most delicious way. 


 This is the world’s first milk produced with all real nutrition without a cow. Aviv Wolf, The CEO of Remilk, and Ori Cohavi, The cofounder, CTO of Remilk, these two researchers from Israel, introduced a new method to make the ‘World’s Cleanest Milk production’ company ‘Remilk; The world’s cleanest milk has no lactose, no cholesterol, and it does not even come from an animal; the milk that produced without farming or exploitation of any animals.

Team Remilk applies animal-free processors driven by significant biology to reshape the future of dairy in the most scalable and delicious way. Aviv, the CEO of Remilk, and his friend Ori found a way to fix the milk issue. Humans need milk nutrition from the very first day of birth but until now, the milk we drink needs fixing because traditional cow milk is not as good as it looks on TV commercials; animal milk is not healthy. Milk from cows is full of lactose, and many people cannot tolerate lactose and have cholesterol and saturated fats. Moreover, milk is not sustainable. For every one liter of cow milk, one thousand liters of water wasting, dairy production is a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

It uses lots of water and produces much waste; also milk comes from animals, and animals need a lot of space and money and water and energy to give us milk, and in animal factories, milk production means animal abuse that’s why Remilk come up with a different kind of sustainable milk which is affordable and ethical, so Aviv and Ori gave up their jobs to make the most significant risk of their life make something that we drank for thousands of years. 

 After extensive research, they found a way to do it. First, they copied the genes from a cow on how to make milk. They then transformed it into a micro, so now cows do not require to make milk, just the micro and using fermentation, this microbe can make milk proteins. From these proteins, they created milk it looks the same and tastes the same as the one you get from a cow, except for this new milk is much healthier, and no cows are harmed in the process. Nobody can guess which one is real and which one is fake. It tastes like milk. This milk is so good that it can make a cow jealous and grateful this process is called microbial fermentation

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Remilk potted the whole mechanism of producing milk into a single cell microbe, so we do not need the rest of the cow, and we surely do not need to spend resources in the process of creating a 900 kilograms animal; with this process, you need 1% of the water, 1% of the land and 0% of the cows to create natural milk.

Why Remilk?

 Remilk is an incredible achievement in human history to create something like this. We can make better, healthier, and more sustainable food essentially. We can make everything we love about dairy products without the downsides. so imagine this very soon everyone can go to the supermarket and the entire dairy section will be a lot healthier and a lot more sustainable all the cheese yogurt and milk will taste just as great and cost just as much without any factory farming.  

“We’re making dairy products which can be same to cow-milk merchandise, with the identical flavor, texture, stretchiness, meltiness, without a cholesterol and no lactose,” he said. “We’ve basically ported the whole mechanism of manufacturing milk right into a single-mobile microbe. We don’t need the ‘relaxation of the cow,’ and we surely don’t need to spend resources in the process of making a 900-kilogram animal.” Aviv Wolf

Remilk’s animal-free ‘dairy’ products. Image credit- Remilk

 Why this is so revolutionary like don’t we already have almond milk and cashew milk? However, almond milk tastes different and cannot make cheese; you cannot make yogurt from this cashew or almond milk. This one promises to be chemically the same; it is the same molecules that come from a cow are now coming from a lab, and it is just healthier and better and can make cheese and yogurt from this, which you cannot do from any other artificial product. 

 Remilk- Innovation serves up dairy products made without animals

Remilk ‘cheese’ on pizza. Image courtesyRemilk

 Aviv stated that this model of food manufacturing might be up to 100 times greater land green than the current dairy device, 25 times more feedstock green, 20 instances greater time-green, and ten times greater water-green. When mixed with water, plant-based oils like coconut oil or sunflower oil, and plant-based sugar, the milk liquid, and its derivatives can be produced with precisely equal residences, flavor, and structure. The dried protein might be offered to dairy groups, and manufacturers can add water and fat to create various milk-based products like yogurts and cheeses, Wolff said. Even the gene is synthesized. there may be no animal in any a part of the system.” 

So basically, the product is a non-dairy product. Alternatively, Aviv stated, the protein is genuinely a milk protein. “inside the lab it’s far exactly he equal” as a protein from a cow. The company has held double-blind tastings for studies and development functions with independent audiences that were no longer able to distinguish the alt-cheese products from traditional cheeses. Wolff is a former fight commander in a special forces unit of the IDF.

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After eight years of a military provider, he labored in numerous startups until he created Remilk. His companion Cohavi has a Ph.D. in protein biochemistry from the Weizmann Institute of science and previously led studies and improvement activities in biotech firms. The company employs ten employees and is looking to feature an extra 15 in the next six months, said Wolff. According to the company, the market for dairy products is estimated to grow from $21.4 billion in 2020 to $36.7 billion by way of 2025. Those options provide nutritional perks, such as lower levels of cholesterol, decreased sugar stages, and advanced cardiovascular health, all of which have led to a growth in intake, the record stated.

New Innovations In The Alt Dairy Sector

Consistent with an international flora and fauna Fund record, the call for dairy products continues to rise because of the worldwide population boom, growing earning, urbanization, and the adoption of Western diets in Asian giants, including China and India. This will increase the burden on herbal resources, together with soil and water. A few 270 million cows produce milk together with greenhouse gas emissions that affect climate change.

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 Dairy farming and feed manufacturing can cause the lack of ecologically crucial regions, including wetlands, forests, and prairies. Worldwide estimates say that to supply one liter of milk, an enormous 1,020 liters of water are used. Scientists at Remilk isolate the milk-generating cells in cows’ mammary glands and transfer them to a bioreactor. In which they are uncovered to materials patented via the firm to supply milk. 

 Animal rights organizations have criticized the dairy industry, including human beings, for the moral treatment of Animals (PETA), which says that dairy cows are treated like milk-generating machines. Most cows raised in the dairy industry are hardly confined from their young ones. so the milk produced to nourish their calf can be bought to people. Genetic manipulation and, in a few instances, antibiotics or hormones are also used to cause cows to provide an extra amount of milk.”  That is why Remilk is playing a vital role in stopping animal abuse and increasing milk production without animals. 

They produce different dairy ingredients using food-grade microbes. They have trained and developed microbes to digest essential molecules. Like sugar and tell them into fabulous dairy components that are entirely identical to those made by cows.

“We can replace an extravagantly inefficient system with one that is precise and stable. The Remilk team consists of outstanding mission-driven scientists and entrepreneurs, to make Synthetic milk healthier without harassing a single animal. Together we only have one goal making creamy dairy products that would make a cow juice and a bit grateful you.”- Aviv, Founder of Remilk 

Team Remilk

The remilk team makes genuine dairy products without using a single cow. We all love milk but using animals to make a portion of food is both primitive and destructive after all raising cows requires enormous quantities of inputs while producing vast amounts of waste, and since our planet does not seem to be growing anytime soon, we need to find better ways to make dairy-free milk. Team Remilk applies animal-free processors driven by precision biology to reshape the future of dairy in the most scalable and delicious way.  No, it is not a dairy alternative or a dairy substitute, or any other of those non-dairies. It is a natural dairy that tastes and feels like dairy but without using animals. “If you’re baffled you’re not alone here” with this mantra, Aviv and his team deal with all challenges while creating ‘REMILK.’  

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