Furniture from waste plastic |How Plastic waste becomes furniture?

Furniture from waste plastic |How Plastic waste becomes furniture?

           How to use plastic waste for 3D printed furniture? With print your city Dutch design studio, the new raw shows were stunning ideas in Greece. In Thessaloniki, you can print your city by recycling plastic waste! The project prints that your city is unique in Europe. People can become part of it by bringing their plastic trash for recycling here and designing furniture for public spaces in their cities.

How Plastic waste becomes furniture?

These chairs are made up of waste plastic! The plastic which we use and then dispose of. These chairs are from Thessaloniki, Greece’s port city, and is are products of the ‘Print Your City’ project. Plastic waste is upcycled as furniture using the 3D printing technique. This planet-saving idea of producing outdoor furniture comes from a Dutch design studio – The New Raw. 

The piece of furniture is made out of thousands of plastic lids. To produce one piece of furniture amounts approximately 68 kilograms of waste recycled plastic. It is primarily plastic packaging material. Who on god’s green earth came up with the idea?

Panos Sakkas is an architect and co-founder of the research and design studio situated in Rotterdam, Netherland. They are aiming to see how plastic trash can be used as raw material for 3D printers.

The New Raw requires 68-70 kg of plastic to make a park bench, and fortunately, there is more than enough plastic on land and in the water.

‘Print Your City’ Project of 3D Printing Furniture!

This unique project is carried in Greece and Europe. People can become part of it by bringing their plastic trash for recycling here and at the same time design an item of furniture for public spaces in their cities. The website of Print Your City offers various templates for furniture pieces. Most of the time, the material used for producing furniture is PP and PE plastic. As soon as the new design template goes online, the number of recycled plastics is calculated automatically. The process requires 10 hours to make a park bench. Plastic was conceived to be long-lasting, but generally, most of us use it for just a significantly less time, and then it is thrown away. 

Humans have disposed of a long-lasting, water-resistant, lightweight, inexpensive material. The New Raw realized the importance of using waste plastic and made us realize that…

Waste plastic furniture
        Image courtesy of The New Raw

You could see a number of these chairs in the public areas of Thessaloniki. In parks, in public places, and more furniture is in the planning. Eventually, the idea is to spread them all around the big city and if the park benches even fall apart! Broken furniture recycles them a bit like the other plastic waste.


The Process of producing 3D plastic furniture

The process happens into the four basic steps – at first, plastic waste is sorted, then cleaned, shredded, and melted. Then the melted plastic goes into a 3D printer to produce the furniture for Print Your City. The robotic arm processes the semi-liquid mass of plastic into the shape we have pre-determined on the computer. The waste plastic is then melted in the machine. The combination of recycling and design seems to be a hit with Thessaloniki’s residents and visitors alike.

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     The idea of utilizing a waste non-degradable material for furniture is just a start of realizing the significance of plastic which is more than just being waste. Everyone can enjoy it and sit on it with friends with a cup of coffee.

             Image courtesy of The New Raw

     It is a definite gain, and there is nothing negative about it. It is just as reliable as any other furniture made up of wood; also, waste plastic is an excellent alternative to wood. As wood has its drawbacks like it is prone to swelling and shrinks after some time. Plastic furniture is lighter than wood, so it is easy to move around and rearrange. In terms of temperature, it is warm, so ultimately beneficial for cold cities. It somehow conforms to the body’s shape, yet it is sturdy and offers specific stability and support.

What are the unique features of plastic furniture?

  1. It lasts longer than wood furniture as wood is prone to swelling and shrinks after some time.
  2. It is lighter than wood furniture, so it is easy to move around and rearrange whenever you want
  3. As it requires waste plastic so no trees will be cut down for furniture production.
  4. You can recycle the furniture if you want to change it or if you want to replace it with a new design, so ultimately, it will reduce the carbon footprint.
  5. This waste plastic furniture does not affect the surrounding environment as wood does
  6. It is much cheaper than wooden furniture, so it is cost-effective.
  7. Dropping the plastic furniture will not break it. It is unbreakable
  8. You can buy it in your favorite color as well. You will get many options for colors and designs.
      plastic waste for 3D printed furniture
             Image Courtesy of The New Raw


 A large triangle-shaped bench with a bookcase and planter requires 90 kg of recycled plastic. Here we have many scopes to utilize waste plastic in such a way where we can tackle many problems at a time. 

The number of trees cutting for furniture is increasing day by day, so we can minimize the number of trees cut down for wood furniture production; also, most of the furniture is made by recycled plastic, and in case it breaks, you can recycle it again! Moreover, the best part is that buying this plastic furniture endorses your carbon footprint, so we can say it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective as well!

          The message to get across with this project is that nothing should go to wastePlastic and other things we call trash today will be seen as raw materials in the future.

                    Knowing the 68 kg of plastic were recycled to make this furniture should make people feel good about putting their feet up for a while. There are so many facilities, and variety is available in it. You can have a planter with furniture where you can grow your favorite plant. A feeding bowl for your pets with bike Rach on one side of the furniture and a bookcase with other functions are available in furniture. So, what are you waiting for?



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